Audio – Video Localization

​Audio – Video Localization
Studio Melchior can take your video production, Power Point presentation, audio script, or audio book and make it truly global. We do more than translate; we localize your audio or video script into any of more than 50 languages, and create a product that fits naturally into the target language and culture.
Spoken language is much different than written text. It is often more fluid in style, more apt to employ syntactical patterns not seen in the written language. Studio Melchior uses linguists who have extensive video and audio experience, and, can make your project sound as if it was created in the target language.
When adapting your script for a global market, it is also important to consider word count and how the extra words often need in another language will fit into the time slot of a voice over narration. French, for example, uses about 25% more words than English. Our audio translators understand the importance of keeping the translated text as short or as long as the original, so that it can easily be recorded in the time available.
Localizing Video
If there are several characters or voices on a video, it is important to use a different style of speaking for each character to make the video sound interesting and authentic. Our audio translators and voice talent are familiar and experienced with these differences.
We have the resources and expertise to select the right voice and tone for your corporate video, your commercial or training video, or for your IVR system. You can select voices from our inventory of over 2,500 professional voice demos from over 50 countries, or we can suggest someone to best fit your intended purpose.
Translations can be adapted directly from a video without further transcribing the content, or we can transcribe the content, create a script and then proceed to translate it.
Video Dubbing
Videos can be dubbed as:
• Voiceover: An already produced video is recorded in other languages, taking the original timing into consideration and synching the new production to the original. If a speaker is on camera, the speaker can record as lip sync, or as voice over.
• Phrase sync: The speaker breathes and acts like the person on-camera, and tries to match the lips as much as possible.
• Lip sync: The speaker on camera appears as if he or she speaks that language.
• Narration: Recording at the speaker’s own pace with no consideration to timing.
Recent Projects
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